Feica Cam App Reviews

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Stop Messing with the app

The app was great and now you guys have done so many unnecessary changes that the app is no longer user friendly. You have to take about the three steps to change the filter pack if you’re in auto save mode. You have to go to normal mode, change the letter of the pack of filters then go back to auto save mode. Ridiculous.


so i downloaded this app to edit photos that i already have but now that option is gone? now we can only take photos and videos?? i want to be able to edit photos


i am not satisfied with this app, if only i could get my money back i would :(

New update is a step back in image quality!

I used to use this app because of the really good film grain texture and the way the sharp edges got slightly blurred. It seems with the new update the grain has lost resolution and the blur effect is lessened. Unfortunately the new lighter filter settings don’t have the same feel and quality of the original darker ones.

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